The goal of APPLAUSE FOUNDATION is to provide an opportunity for ALL children to receive creative, voice, speech, dance and other artistic training after school with a positive influence. We strive to provide the means for children to participate in our classes, productions, and summer camps through grant writing, fund raisers, and establishing partnerships with businesses and individuals.
APPLAUSE FOUNDATION believes that through APPLAUSE - Training for the Performing Arts, many young people will improve their self esteem, make new friendships, improve their grades, and enhance their learning in both school and in their personal life. We also feel that this program will help keep children off the streets, and away from gangs and drugs. Also, "latch key" children will have another "friend" besides the television.
If you feel APPLAUSE and APPLAUSE FOUNDATION are important programs, please help by contributing your tax deductible donation (financial or property donation) of any amount to:
1411 Maple Hill Rd.
Diamond Bar, CA 91765
Scholarships are available on a financial need basis.
FOUNDATION Board Members
President:              Ruthann Greenblat,
Vice President:      Jolene Grinstead,
Parliamentarian:   Andrew Grinstead,
CFO:                       Eric Johnston,
Secretary:             Chris Hernandez,

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